Paid ads or Premier Directory database

Paid ads or Premier Directory database

When you taking your business online or opening an e-comm site you need all the marketing help you can get. You need to promote your business and raise your credibility in the eyes of search engines so your potential customers would find your website among thousands of businesses offering the same or similar products.

Google and Facebook ads

You can use Google ads or Facebook ads to run your paid advertising campaigns but nothing beats the good old organic search result customer. Google ads and FB ads rank on the concept of auction. The highest bidder gets the top places on the search pages. This puts off many small businesses in bidding for the first page paid ad location because the auction creates a snowball effect that has a negative impact on the profitability of the small business.

Baidu is the most popular internet company and search engine in China. If you want your business to be visible for your Chinese customers you need to submit your business in the Baidu webmaster. Unfortunately submitting a website in Baidu webmaster portal is very hard to do because the interface is Chinese.

Search engine organic search results

Premier Directory is working with most of the popular search engines around the world. We submit our database to the search engine crawling list and by doing so we get our customer businesses listed fairly quick. This is extremely useful for small businesses who don’t want to spend their hard earned money on one of the most expensive forms of online advertising.

Yandex is a Russian-Dutch internet company providing a myriad of internet services. This includes search engine, e-commerce and online advertising among other services.

Yandex search engine

We submit our database to Yandex crawling service. This ensures a good quality exposure to online searches made by Russian internet users.